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Getting to Know your ‘Starter Kit’ Oils

Young Living did an amazing thing when they put together their starter kit. It is exactly what it says it is – a starting point – everything you need to begin a healthier, natural living, kind of life. Here’s what you get, what they do, and how I use each one of these 12 wonderful… Read More »

Essential Oils

Oils 101 + Essential oils are the vital fluids of a plant that protect them from disease and provide nutrients + They can be found in a plant’s flower, stem, leaves, bark, or fruit + They are usually extracted through steam distillation + Essential oils are man’s first medicine + Help eliminate toxins in your… Read More »

Beginning My Essential Oil Journey

Today, I almost had a stress induced, anxiety filled, full on melt down. Why, you ask? It’s silly really… Recently, I embarked on a journey to incorporate essential oils into our daily lives, along with giving the business end of it an honest effort. Day one, I was asked to provide a “why”. What’s my… Read More »