I’m Jen Westheim – a wife, momma, and administrator. As a mom of three (step-mom to two and bio-mom to one) I am making an effort, daily, to lead a life worth being looked up to. I’m not certain what my kids will learn from me, but I know that through them, I am learning to step outside of my comfort zone and chase wild dreams! They are my “why” and they are my reason for working hard to become the best version of me!

I spent a lot of years, as I call it, “silently serving behind the scenes” and although there’s nothing wrong with being introverted, shy and quiet, I also believe that God has called me to do bigger things. Through my journey of becoming a mother, I have found purpose and passion in reaching and encouraging women and moms.

I have been blessed with the cutest kids, and I get to take a lot of super cute pictures, and behind those cute pictures and memories are a family that works hard and loves BIG! We make memories. We dream big. We make mistakes. We apologize. We live. We learn. We move forward. We are thankful for the good days and we use the bad days as an opportunity for growth.

I hope that my own personal journey in learning to be a wife, mother, co-parent and working full time, too, is an encouragement to mommas all over.