Family Hike 2019

There’s a very brief moment, in the year, when the weather is warm, but not too hot, the ground is dry, and the bugs aren’t out, just yet…this moment doesn’t last long. So, we took advantage with our first, family hike, of 2019!

These are the special moments I live for. There’s nothing quite like quality time with my hubby and kiddos!

We crunched leaves, carried sticks, stopped for lots of water breaks, and even found these random Christmas ornaments hanging from trees!

Greyson was a champ! Three miles and he enjoyed every minute of it…although he got to be pretty exhausted towards the end.

Live. Love. Family.

Momma and Greyson Reid, April 2019

It’s not about the money…it’s not about you…it’s about the moments. Be present right where you are.