Getting to Know your ‘Starter Kit’ Oils

Young Living did an amazing thing when they put together their starter kit. It is exactly what it says it is – a starting point – everything you need to begin a healthier, natural living, kind of life. Here’s what you get, what they do, and how I use each one of these 12 wonderful tools to help support a better life!

Citrus Fresh

  • Mood Booster
  • Odor Buster
  • How I use it: I diffuse it often with Thieves because it smells! And I diffuse it with purification (outside of kit) on cleaning day! I add a drop or two, on my wool dryer ball, during laundry for a super fresh scent that doesn’t irritate my kid’s sensitive skin.


  • Tummy Support
  • How I use it: I keep Digize at home, at the office, and the kids alternative ‘TummyGize’ in Grey’s diaper bag. Digize goes where we are and is available whenever needed! I apply right below my belly button during times of discomfort. And apply to everyone if I hear of a tummy bug going around town.


  • Skin Support
  • Emotional Support
  • How I use it: I roll Frank on my skin every night. And, I diffuse it often, in the boy’s room, with lavender, to help wind down and support their sleep.


  • Sleep Support
  • How I use it: Lavender is considered the swiss army knife of oils. Really, it does all.the.things. I diffuse it nightly for sleepy kiddos. I use a drop or two in Grey’s bath as we begin his evening wind down. We use it on itchy bug bites. I use it to promote healthy looking skin. I reorder monthly, seriously, put this one in all the places!


  • Home and Cleaning
  • Detox
  • How I use it: I add a drop or two of lemon to my water, daily. Lately, I’ve been doing 2 drops lemon, 1 drop peppermint, and 2 drops grapefruit (outside of starter kit), to help support and maintain a healthy weight.


  • Tired muscle support
  • How I use it: This is a fave of mine, at the office. As someone who spends a lot of the day in front of a computer, with less than stellar posture, I can’t get enough of panaway! I add a drop or two to a splotch of coconut oil, daily, to help with tense, tired muscles. I apply it on my neck and shoulders.

Peace & Calming

  • Rest
  • Unwind
  • Calming
  • How I use it: Great diffusing for littles.


  • Supports digestion
  • Cooling
  • How I use it: Oh, the ways…. on my temples for headache relief, on my neck and shoulders along with panaway, and on my neck and chest during times of congestion. I diffuse with lavender and lemon during season changes. I also use it on my lower abdomen during painful period days. This is a hot oil – always remember a little bit goes a long way!


  • Respiratory support
  • How do I use it: This oil is not recommended for kiddos under 6, so I don’t diffuse. But, I will use this on the Hubs and myself as a safe, all natural alternative to vapor rub. A couple drops in a splotch of coconut oil applied to chest and neck.

Stress Away

  • Relax and Enjoy
  • How I use it: I combine 10 drops stress away and 10 drops valor into a roller and top it off with coconut oil for the most.amazing.smell.ever! Not to mention the superior emotional support! Love to diffuse with citrus fresh or all by itself. I will often apply a drop or two right in my hands, rub together, and cup over my nose, and take a moment to inhale and exhale slowly, say a prayer, and reset, during high stress moments.


  • Immune support
  • How I use it: Thieves smells like Christmas. This oil is the oil above all oils and it was the first one to truly make a huge impact in my families life. I use our immune roller (10 drops thieves, 10 drops lemon, 5 drops frankincense, topped with carrier oil) It’s at the office, at home, and in the diaper bag. I roll it on the bottoms of little feet and down spines every morning before the day begins, and every night as part of our bed time routine. I diffuse it so much with a variety of other oils. I also use it as a DIY tea, 1 drop thieves, 2 drops lemon, and a little honey to taste, mixed in hot water, when I feel something coming on.


  • Emotional support
  • How I use it: This is most often referred to as the “bravery oil” offering great emotional support. I use it in a blend with stress away (recipe above) and love to apply to wrists, shoulders, and across my heart, daily. This is one of my husband’s faves too! Smells amazing diffused <3