A New Year’s Noise Maker Craft for Kids

A New Year’s Noise Maker Craft for Kids

Thanks to the Netflix Kid’s Countdown, this year, we can celebrate the New Year’s festivities with the kiddos… without having to keep them up until midnight! I have to be honest – there’s a chance I will celebrate at 8:00 PM with them, as well, and then go to bed at a reasonable hour because I really like to sleep!

Since the kids get to celebrate this year we decided to make some noise makers to ring in the New Year. And, yes, these will be thrown away discretely on January first! LOL!

What you will need

Two paper plates
Paint Brushes
Pom Poms
Glitter Glue
Jingle Bells (or popcorn kernels)

What you use to decorate is up to you. Most of what I snagged came from the dollar store.

Step One

Place jingle bells (if you don’t have those, you can use popcorn kernels for a budget friendly alternative) in center of two plates. Glue around the plate and place the other plate on top. Allow plenty of time to dry.

Step Two

Paint both sides of your plate and allow time to dry.

Step Three

Decorate your plates with any scrap, craft pieces, and there you have it, a DIY noise maker!

This is a super simple, fun craft, for young kids. I made a sample for them and then they did their own thing! What are some of your favorite ways to ring in the New Year with your kiddos? Feel free to share in the comments and have a blessed and HaPpY nEw YeAr!!!