8 Practical Toys for Toddlers under $15

Christmas is right around the corner! If you’ve got a little one on your list, this year, and not sure what to get them…here’s a list of practical toys for toddlers, ages 1-3, that both little bit and momma will appreciate! And, the best part is, nothing on this list will break the bank!

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Little People Cell Phones

My little boy is always grabbing for my cell phone! Always! He got one of these for his birthday and it is his favorite toy! If you hold it up in front of our faces, he will even smile for a selfie! Oh man, kids these days!!!

Little People Radio

Toddlers love music. Toddlers dance like no one is watching…and it’s the cutest thing in the world!

Little People Puzzles

I was surprised at how quickly my son started to figure his toys out, and how good he got at stacking, inserting the right blocks into the right shape slot, etc. It’s never to early to get them going on puzzles!

Little People Dinosaurs

Why? Because kids love dinosaurs! My little guy is collecting these, while his older brother and sister collect bigger dinosaurs. He loves playing with them!

Little People Shape Sorter

I am a huge fan of wooden toys and so is my son…heads up…these hurt like legos!

Little People Refrigerator Magnets

Again, my son got these for his birthday (from me) because little kids love to hang on momma while she’s cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, etc. These saved me many trips over my boy! I just whip out the magnets while working in the kitchen and he plays happily on the floor while I do what I gotta do! These also have full back magnets, not little pieces that can pop off and be swallowed!

Little People Bath Toys

Keeping kids entertained in the tub…and encouraging hand eye coordination…yes, please!

Little People Stacking Blocks

One of the first things my kid learned how to do was stack his blocks…then play Godzilla and knock them down, lol! Stackers are always a great choice for a little one!

6 thoughts on “8 Practical Toys for Toddlers under $15”

    1. Thank you! Your son is awesome for donating some toys!! I hope these ideas are helpful for him!

  1. These are great ideas! My niece is 6 months old and I was looking for gift ideas. This is what I needed!

    1. So glad it was helpful!! My son just turned one, and he got most of this stuff, and I’ve just watched what he chooses to play with…these are the winners, for sure!

  2. Wow, just what I needed to see .. I have a great nephew that just turned 2 and I was thinking about Christmas gifts. Thanks for sharing! I love Melissa & Doug puzzles (had those in day care I used to work at) so I’m definitely thinking some of those would be a good choice.

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