6 Ways to Master Your Morning

Let me go ahead and be honest, and just throw this truth out there, I am NOT a morning person. I genuinely struggle to get moving in the morning and spend most of the day wishing I didn’t have to get up so early. So, please, don’t read this thinking I must be some super-human, crazy lady who digs waking up before the sun.

No. I’m just a mom, and like you, I work, I have kids to get ready, drop offs, and a thirty minute commute.

Through my trials and errors, I have discovered one simple truth. The better my morning – the better my day. If I prepare, create routine, and start the day off on the right foot, the rest of my day tends to fall into place a lot better.

So, what does my morning look like? Here are 6 simple ways to master your morning.

Prepare the night before

Give it a try. You might be surprised at how smooth the morning can go, if some planning goes into it, the night before. For me, this means kid’s clothes picked out, diaper bag and back packs packed, and lunches prepared. Come morning, all there is to do is grab and go. The chances of forgetting something important drops significantly!

Get ready before the rest of the house is up

Proverbs 31:15 says it best, “she gets up while it is still night…”.

This. I am, by no means, the picture perfect Proverbs 31 woman, and, I shutter just thinking about this. In order to get up before the rest of the family means I get up really, REALLY early. Most mornings, it hurts, physically to pull this off! But, there’s something that hurts worse, and that’s dragging myself out of bed, with little time to spare, and being greeted, immediately with a million questions, bathrooms break ins, and begging for breakfast – all before coffee. There is nothing that tests my patience more. Make the sacrifice, get up first, get ready in peace and quiet, focus, and get yourself together.

Take a few minutes for yourself

In our home, this means time in prayer. A few minutes with Jesus to set the tone for the day. When I hand it over before it even begins, I stand a better chance at being at peace all day long. For others this might mean exercise, reading a book, or listening to a podcast. Something that’s for you and will start you off on the right foot.

Save time to play with the kids

As a parent, we make many sacrifices. Working moms (dads too) know, that leaving our kids to go to work, is one of them. Leaving your littles with someone else is always tough on me. By the time I get home, it’s dinner, dishes, bath and bed time. I have missed the majority of their day.

It has become a crucial part of my morning to set aside time with my baby guy. We spend about thirty minutes of quality time, together, each morning. I have skipped it, in the past, just to get that extra thirty minutes of sleep, but, my day is not that same without it. Time with my little guy, each morning, is good for my soul!

Eat breakfast

It’s been said time and time again. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I absolutely agree. I have more energy. I need less coffee. I focus better. I work harder. I am far more accomplished come the end of the day. Breakfast is crucial. It can be quick, and on the go, but find a way to make it happen.

Limit technology

This is for some and not for others. For me, my morning is quiet and slow. It’s a time for me to connect with Jesus, take my time, and connect with my kid…it’s not the time to connect to the world. My phone is my alarm, and sometimes I grab it for a photo opp, but my screen time is very limited in the morning.

This is a short list that works for me. By sticking to these, when the work day begins, I’m already off to a good start! For you, the list might look different. My advice to those who struggle in the mornings, the same way I do, is simply to find routine, create habit, something that works specifically for you. A good morning is a crucial element of a good day! Enjoy and be blessed in all that you do!


Jennifer W.

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  1. Planning ahead is the easiest way to have a smooth morning! Even if you wake up late or something crazy happens you can grab your stuff and keep it moving!

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