Beginning My Essential Oil Journey

Today, I almost had a stress induced, anxiety filled, full on melt down.

Why, you ask? It’s silly really…

Recently, I embarked on a journey to incorporate essential oils into our daily lives, along with giving the business end of it an honest effort. Day one, I was asked to provide a “why”.

What’s my “why”?

Ultimately, I want to be able to provide a better life for my family… But there’s more to it than that and I’ve spent the better part of the last week digging deep and seriously stressing over my “why”. Stressing so much, in fact, that I built a wall of fear so high, I doubted myself…before I even started!

Hence, my almost “ugly-crying kind of melt down”, lol – but seriously though – so, what did I do? Well, I almost decided to just forget about it, but instead, I prayed a very simple prayer.  I wrote it down like a letter to God.

And, that was it, anxiety attack averted… I closed my notebook and quickly got back to work. I immediately felt calm in my spirit and in my emotions. After a week of stressing, I finally let go and let God… and within a few minutes – one question popped into my head.

What I heard was this, “How will you use oils to be a light and connect people to Jesus?”

You see, for me, my “why” was never about selling oils – it was always about sharing my faith…and the stress, anxiety, and melt downs, yeah, that’s what happens when we try to do it ourselves. We meet failure when we try to take the dream that God is weaving into our hearts and make it our own.

So, my “why” is simple – to be a connection to Jesus.

Oils give me the opportunity to provide a chemical free home for my family, and they will also allow me to provide financially and give in areas that are restricted right now. It’s a journey we’ve just begun and we are still in the discovery phase.

The best part – oils allow me to continue to share my family, what we love, and what we are learning. And, when I put God into everything we do, it’s in our stories, that I connect it all to Jesus.

God is really working in me, and He’s put a big dream in my heart – a dream that is ever growing and that I am still discovering.

My family deserves my very best, and as I sit and reflect on the blessing that they are, I am inspired to do better, work harder, and love bigger every single day. I want them to see me seek Him, follow His direction, listen to His voice, replace fear with faith, and ultimately, discover the best version of me and His plan for my life!

My heart is in this and I’m excited to be a part of a community, that already exists, that is dedicated to health and wellness, and will push me to stretch myself, step out of my comfort zone, grow, and reach new heights. I can, in turn, do the same for others!

If you’d like more info, stick around, I’ll be sharing all that I learn!

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