Just a girl…and her DINO-MITE birthday party!

My kids dig dinosaurs! (see what I did there!? 😉 )

They are crazy about the clothes, the legos, the toys, and I can’t count, anymore, how many times we’ve watched Jurassic Park/World. I step on dinosaurs, I trip over dinosaurs, heck, I’m convinced they are no less dangerous now than they were 65 million years ago. In a nutshell; dinosaurs are IN.

So, when the time came to start Addie’s birthday party planning, it seemed only fitting to have a dinosaur theme. I went ahead and started pinning ideas, budgeting and making my plans. Then, when I pitched the idea to Addie, I was quickly rejected with the thought that, “Noooooo, that’s not very girlie!”

Oh, really!? Challenge Accepted! Here’s what I did to make it an “Addie Approved” dino party.

  • Purple decor

My oldest brother loves purple, he claims it’s the “color of royalty”. Whatever makes you feel better, bub; purple is for girls, in my book! And, purple is Addie’s number one color. So, of course, while girlifying, I added purple to everything. Purple table cloth, purple plates, purple silverware, purple balloons…you get the picture. This, alone, pretty much sums up how to turn a dinosaur party into a “girlie” dinosaur party.

  • Triceratoss

I loved this idea and had a blast creating it. I used simple project board that I got from the dollar store. I free-handed the triceratops, painted (clearly, she’s a girl with her purples and metallic greens) and then added birthday hats to create the horns. I got a pack of glow stick bracelets and used those for the rings (two bracelets per ring). The project board was a little flimsy, so I nailed it to a couple pieces of scrap wood just to anchor it and keep it sturdy which worked great.

  • Feed the T-Rex

Feed the T-Rex was super duper simple! Same thing as the previous game, dollar store project board and paint on the T-Rex. I chose NOT to girlie him up with purples, for fear that he’d look like Barney! Then I cut out the hole in the mouth and filled plastic lunch bags with dry beans to create the dino food. Again, I anchored it with scrap wood to keep it sturdy.

  • Adopt a Dinosaur

This was my favorite of all the dinosaur party creations. Addie was stoked and the kids were excited to get to pick out their new dinosaur friend. I typed up and printed my “Adopt a Dinosaur” sign, at work, laminated it and attached it to a dollar-store pink basket. As far as the dinosaurs, there’s a few options, your local dollar store may have something that works. Amazon has a great selection of bulk dinosaur party supplies, as well. And, I also really like the cute stuffed animal selection, that you can get in assorted packs or all the same (which eliminates fighting over who gets what dinosaur).

  • The CAKE!

Last, but not least, the cake. This cake I dreamed up in my head, weeks before the party, with some high expectations. Thing is, I’m not a baker, so I had no idea what my vision would become once I actually put my hands to it! I really wanted the cake to be extra girlie, with purple icing and sparkles galore! This was the first time I’ve made a layered cake with homemade buttercream icing and decor. It was a little lopsided and I feared it might fall over before the party, but, it did not, and I was pretty stoked about the way it turned out! Far from perfect, but Addie loved it and got to add the purple dinosaur as the final touch!

(I forgot candles for the cake…hence the glow sticks, lol!)

And, that’s our girlie dino party! Putting it together was probably as much fun for me as the day was for her. I’m super thankful for the people that came out to celebrate her special day and spoil her a bit; we had a DINO-MITE day with the birthday girl!

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  1. How fun is this?! My girl’s 9th birthday was two days ago and her theme was Jurassic World! She’s dino obsessed and has been forever. Other than cash, every single present she got was a dinosaur or dinosaur themed. lol

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