How we do KiDs NiGhT!

This post is inspired by a previous post titled “July Planner Challenge”. My family and I created a list of to-dos, this July, as a challenge, because summer is a very hectic time for us! Jeffrey is a youth pastor and is in the middle of summer camp season, mission trips, summer games, etc. and I work at an RV dealership and we are in the middle of camping season. It is so easy to get caught up in the busyness and forget that we need to make time for ourselves and for our family.

Being that Jeffrey was only a couple days from leaving for camp, we decided to tackle two planner challenge check marks by scheduling a kid night and movie night as one in the same. One of my most favorite things about having small children is the way they think. The smallest things often become the biggest memories. We turned a simple park picnic, family fun, kids choice movie and living room camp-out into an evening packed full of adventure for the littles and they had a blast! So much fun, in fact, that Preston, Greyson and I didn’t even stay awake through the whole movie!

The recipe for this evening is a simple one…

1. Park picnic

This one is easy peasy. Crackers, cheese, pepperonis, carrot sticks and strawberries equals DIY lunchables. It’s one of our family favorites and it’s so easy to prep and there’s very little clean up! (hint hint, wink wink; it’s easy on momma!) I also packed mason jar lemonade, because for some reason, it just tastes better in a mason jar. Pack it up in your favorite picnic basket and off to the park you go! Don’t forget food for the baby if you have an itty bitty!

2. Water fun in the river

For some reason, a trip to the park, is not a trip to the park, without a dip in the river! The ice cold river… I can hardly stand the cold, but the kids jump right in! They’re nuts! But, they have so much fun diving for rocks, looking for the deep holes and using their Water Blasters to annoy each other!

3. Kid’s choice movie

My little crew is part of the minority that still loves a trip to the movie store to rent a movie. Yep, that’s right, we love renting movies. It’s very possible we are keeping our local movie store in business. Lol! This summer, the movie store did an awesome promo where they honored good grades, for students, with free rentals for every A on their report card. Addie is our only kid who qualified, as she’s the only one old enough to get a report card, but, she’s awesome and ended up with 5 free rentals! So, Addie got to redeem her grades and choose the movie for our movie night.

4. Living room camp out

Nothing makes my kids happier than getting to drop their sleeping bags on the living room floor, stay up late and have a living room camp out. It’s the simple things really. So, after a full evening, we settled in for some snuggles and Addie’s movie of the night, “Princess Dairies”. Most of us fell asleep, but regardless, this was such an awesome night. Just a simple, but fun-filled, family night, focused on the kids and what they love to do. And, a perfect way to get that much needed quality time before daddy is gone to camp for a week!