Why Now

I found purpose after I had my son, Greyson…

I became a mother the moment I got married. I was a “mother by association”. I didn’t just marry my husband; I made a vow to his two children, as well.  They were already 2 and 4 when we got married, so I missed the “baby phase”. I spent a year and a half learning how to co-parent and mother Adalyn and Preston, and then one day, I gave birth to my very own via emergency C-section.

Grey was about 3 days old when things really started going downhill for me. He was crying a LOT… my emotions were through the roof, I hated breastfeeding, I missed the big kids, I felt like my husband didn’t ever want to be home, I hid in the bedroom crying, night after night. I was so sore recovering from surgery, I couldn’t prepare dinner, I barely ate myself; I remember feeling like my husband took the big kids and started their own tribe and left me alone to take care of the baby. I was a mess.

If you’ve been through this, trust me, you’re not alone. It’s so common and it’s completely normal! And, as I look back now, I see purpose in the pain. Momma’s need help. They need encouragement. They need friends. And, sometimes, they need rescuing. So, I decided to move forward with a “meals for mom” program. It was on my heart to be there for moms with new babies, and as I began to dream up that ministry, the dream got even bigger…

I want to be an encourager and supporter of women/moms the whole way, not just in the first few days after birth! So, here I am, working towards building up a community of women who can support each other, cheer for each other, be there for each other…because when women support each other incredible things happen! I love being a mother and I love the lessons I’m learning along the way!

Things are different now, my son is growing up and he’s healthy, happy and such a joy to have around! I get to see the kids now, my husband and I are stronger than we were pre-baby, and I’m here to say that it all works out well! I’m back on my feet, working full time, managing the mom life and taking steps towards the dream that God has put on my heart.

I spent a lot of years, as I call it, “silently serving behind the scenes”, and while there is nothing wrong with being introverted, shy and quiet; I believe that God has called me to do bigger things. For me, it’s all about stepping out of my comfort zone, using my stories of failures and successes to encourage and empower others, to live a positive life, and be an example to my family.