Getting to Know your ‘Starter Kit’ Oils

Young Living did an amazing thing when they put together their starter kit. It is exactly what it says it is – a starting point – everything you need to begin a healthier, natural living, kind of life. Here’s what you get, what they do, and how I use each one of these 12 wonderful… Read More »

6 Tips to Help You Get Started

Happy New Year! 2019, here we are! Who’s ready!? What I should be asking is…who made the famous “Resolutions List”!? With every New Year, comes a sense of fresh start, a new chance to get it right, a new beginning! New hopes, new intentions, you know the drill…new year, new you! AmIright!? Here’s a few… Read More »

A New Year’s Noise Maker Craft for Kids

A New Year’s Noise Maker Craft for Kids Thanks to the Netflix Kid’s Countdown, this year, we can celebrate the New Year’s festivities with the kiddos… without having to keep them up until midnight! I have to be honest – there’s a chance I will celebrate at 8:00 PM with them, as well, and then… Read More »

Dear Sweet Addie <3

This is my Adalyn Rose. I met her when she was just three, and shortly before her fifth birthday, I married her daddy and became her stepmom. She accepted me the moment I walked into her life and watching her grow has been a blessing. She makes being a stepmom easy! Seriously, this girl…she’s smart,… Read More »

8 Practical Toys for Toddlers under $15

Christmas is right around the corner! If you’ve got a little one on your list, this year, and not sure what to get them…here’s a list of practical toys for toddlers, ages 1-3, that both little bit and momma will appreciate! And, the best part is, nothing on this list will break the bank! Disclosure:… Read More »

Little Boys Football Party

I love themed birthday parties! The vision, the planning, and then making them come to life, all while celebrating those little ones we love so much! If you’re looking to do a little boys football themed, tailgating party, here’s a budget friendly list of everything you will need! First, you need the family t-shirts This… Read More »

One Year too Fast

One year ago, I was in the “nesting” phase. I had just left work for maternity leave; I was huge, I was swollen, and I was incredibly uncomfortable. But despite that, I cleaned, packed, and prepared for the arrival of baby boy, Greyson. I met my son the day after my due date, via an… Read More »

An Easy Halloween Craft to do with Kids

Rock Monsters! Looking for a super easy, fun Halloween craft to do with the kids on those gloomy, cold fall weekends? Rock monsters are a fun way to keep the kids entertained with only a few materials needed. Supplies Needed Rocks (as flat and wide as you can find) Googly eyes Paint Paint brushes Glue… Read More »

6 Ways to Master Your Morning

Let me go ahead and be honest, and just throw this truth out there, I am NOT a morning person. I genuinely struggle to get moving in the morning and spend most of the day wishing I didn’t have to get up so early. So, please, don’t read this thinking I must be some super-human,… Read More »